...we stand for child protection....are you ??


The main objective of the Goonj Ek Awaaj Foundation is to facilitate a better quality of life in all its realms through community mobilization participatory governance based on sustainable natural resource management. Thus community participation, education, protection and promotion of environment and social capital are central to the activities of the organization. Goonj Ek Aawaj Foundation offers a full range of programming and support needed to address the HN/AIDS epidemic We provide technical and managerial assistance and training to developing country governments, NGOs, and private sector agencies. We design, manage and evaluate comprehensive HIV prevention, care and support programs, providing accountability in both program results and financial management, We help identify what is needed, develop programs with communities to meet local needs and advocate for effective, compassionate, realistic and appropriately resourced responses. Goonj Ek Aawaj Foundation arranges for distribution of medicine to children and poor in the villages where we hold our medical relief programs. We had decided then and there to provide our free services to needy people in future too.


The main objective of Goonj Ek Awaaj Foundation is organizing relief and carrying on measures for rehabilitation in disasters and calamities. This is guaranteed in alleviating losses as well as distress caused due to riots, fires, floods, wars, earthquakes hostilities, cyclones, wars, epidemic, and famines. Miseries of other kinds, sufferings of people in different parts of India are mitigated. Besides this efforts are made to provide financial aid and assistance of other kinds to them.

• Awareness about some of the deadliest diseases like AIDs, cancer and HIV is created amongst the people by running and setting up camps all through the country.
• Slum, poor and street children are provided education free of cost at secondary, primary and higher secondary levels at the schools established by Goonj Ek Awaaj Foundation.
• In the remote villages, facilities tor drinking water are also provided.
• Financial assistance, food, clothing and medication and needs of other kinds are fulfilled of the victims facing the calamity.
• In various parts of rural India, medical camps are run free of cost regularly.
• To safeguard the environment at global level efforts are made in enhancing the civil society's role.
• Children from the slum are provided nutritious food and that too free of cost.
• This NGO also implements, schemes for the welfare of women.

...we save children....will you ??